IAFR Timeline 

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1996: Radiographers from the UK and other countries respond to call for assitance with United Nations War Crimes Investigations in Croatia. International radiography teams form part of UN investigations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia under leadership of Mark Viner from 1996-2002

1998: Formation of the Forensic Sub Group of the Trauma Imaging Group (TIGFR) by Mark Viner, Wayne Hoban, Bruno Tonello & Catherine Leong

1999: Official launch of TIG(FR). Read original news story here.

1999: Recognition of TIG and TIG(FR) by the College of Radiographers (UK) as specialist interest groups forTrauma and Forensic Imaging

1999: Publication of Forensic Radiography Guidelines by College of Radiographers in association with TIG(FR)

1999: Guidance notes for the use of radiography in emergency mortuaries produced by TIG(FR) for emergency planning teams

1999: First annual Forensic Radiography Conference organised by TIG(FR) & College of Radiographers

1999: UK Military Radiographers under direction of Major John Beamer form part of forensic team deployed to Kosovo

2000: First UK post-graduate course in forensic radiography developed in conjuncion with TIG(FR) at the University of Central England in Birmingham

2000: TIG(FR) Forms a forensic radiography response team

2000: Northern Region Forensic Radiography Response team formed under the leadership of  Catherine Rock and Katie Whittam

2001: Northern Region Forensic Radiography Response Team responds to Selby Rail Crash

2002: UK radiographers deployed to Kosovo as part of CIFA team

2003: TIG(FR) Run the UK's first mass fatality team training course for radiographers in association with X-Ograph Limited, co-ordinated by Emily Hines

2003: TIG(FR) store of radiography equipment for emergency mortuaries openned at Kenyon International Emergency Services. TIG(FR) offers emergency response team to UK local authorities

2003: TIG(FR) advise the London Mass Fatalities Working Group on emergency plans for London

2004: TIG(FR) asked to provide equipment and radiography staff as part of London Mass Fatality Plan in the event of an incident 

2004: TIG(FR) hold forensic emergency planning seminar for Home Office representatives and Emergency Planners at the College Of Radiographers

2004: TIG(FR), Military radiographers & northern region response team combine to form AFR

2004: AFR forms the UK Forensic Radiography Response Team (UKFRRT)

2004-05: AFR run training course for Iraqi Radiologists as part of Foreign and Commonwealth funded project run by the Inforce Foundation

2004-05: UKFRRT radiographers respond to the Tsunami as part of LRT plan and CIFA response

2004:  AFR asked to assist the Home Office National Mass Fatalities Working Group

2005: AFR officially launched at UK Radiological Congress in Manchester in June

2005: UKFRRT responds to 7th July London Bombings. Mobilises a total of 27 radiographers and state of the art equipment generously provided by X-Ograph Ltd, GE Medical and Ferrannia Inaging systems.

2005: AFR Innaugral General Meeting held at the 6th annual forensic conference (AFR/COR)

2005: Second UK post-graduate course in forensic radiography (City University, London) developed  in conjunction with AFR

2006: AFR reaches 300 members in UK & overseas

2006: AFR recognised as special interest group for forensic imaging by ISRRT

2006: AFR work with UK Home Office to procure specialist imaging equipment for UK Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Team.

2007: USA members work towards forming a USA branch of AFR

2007: Irish Institute of Radiography forms forensic group affiliated to AFR

2007: First UK post-graduate programme leading to masters degree in forensic radiography deveoloped at Teesside University in conjunction with AFR

2007: UK DVI team inaugurated with UKFRRT to provide radiography response

2008: After two years discussion and prepartion with AFR, CFRP announce that radiographers are eligable registration as Forensic Practitioners in the UK

2008: First AFR international meeting at ISRRT Conference in Durban, South Africa

2008: Publication of 2nd edition of College of Radiographers Forensic Radiography Guidelines in association with AFR

2008: AFR changes its name to the International Association of Forensic Radiographers in recognition of it's increasingly international membership and role.

2008: AFR participates in First International Symposium on Forensic Imaging in Dublin organised by University College Dublin, Cranfield Forensic Institute & The Irish Forensic Radiography Group (AFR)

2008: IAFR organises training for radiographers in Mass Fatality Incident response as part of the UK DVI team on behalf of the UK government

2009: IAFR readiographers receive commendations from the Metropolitan Police for their role in the training excerise "Operation Torch"

2009: IAFR undertakes a survey of current standards and forensic radiography practice in the UK.

2009: IAFR hosts a fact-finding tour of UK forensic facilities by the President and Forensic Group Chair of the American Society of Radiological Technologists (ASRT)

2009: IAFR organises highly successful and oversubscribed forensic imaging session at the European Congress of Radiology, Vienna.

2009: IAFR Conference in Manchester is attended by delegates from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Australia who hear keynote speaches by Patron Prof. Gil Brogdon and ISRRT General Secretary who praises the work of IAFR.

2010: IAFR sponsors competition winner Dan Parr and committee representative Denise Elliott attend the American Academy of Foresnic Sciences Meeting in Seattle, USA.

2010: IAFR produces two DVD presentations exploring the work of UKFRRT and the achievements of its members.

2010: IAFR publishes results of its survey of current standards and forensic radiography practice in the UK.

2011: IAFR organises training for UKDVI radiographers at Cranfield Forensic Institute on behalf of the UK Home Office.

2012: IAFR announces development of two distance learning programmes at ECR

2012: IAFR organises forensic dental radiography training for UKDVI radiographers at Teeside University  on behalf of the UK Home Office.

2014: IAFR works with SCoR to produce revised guidelines for Forensic Radiography, Guidance for providing forensic CT services & an Education Framework for Forensic Radiography (in progress)

2014: Prof. Michael Thali becomes Patron

2015: 10th anniversary of the official launch of IAFR

2015: Joint congress with ISFRI

2015: Working with Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences to re-establish accreditation for forensic radiographers in the UK

2016: 2nd joint IAFR/ISFRI congress in Amsterdam