If you are a radiographer or associated professional working with, or interested in:

  • Medical Examiner's or Coroners’ cases
  • Major incidents
  • Assault
  • Suspected physical abuse (NAI)
  • Paediatric post mortem
  • Post mortem CT, MRI and angiography
  • Sudden death
  • Detection of narcotics
  • Litigation or medico-legal cases
  • Artefact or archaeological examinations
  • Mass fatality incidents (Disaster Victim Identification)
  • Natural disasters
  • War crimes, genocide, torture and other human rights violations

Then the IAFR is for you!

The International Association of Forensic Radiographers can offer you guidance, shared experience, networking, collective knowledge, training, education, group support, information, protocol development, procedures, and research opportunities.

Opportunities to work with other forensic organisations

IAFR members:

  • Develop post-graduate forensic radiography courses in conjunction with universities and academic institutions
  • Identify victims of mass fatality incidents
  • Investigate high profile homicide cases
  • Investigate war crimes and genocide in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Sierra Leone
  • Locating concealed objects
  • Organise and manage forensic training courses and conferences
  • Advise UK and international government bodies and professional organisations on forensic radiography policies and procedures
  • Advise national programmes on emergency planning
  • Present internationally
  • Investigate archaeological remains for international film and television presentations
  • Analyse archaeological material for research for museums, universities, and archaeological units
  • Examine paintings for authenticity and conservation 

Why should I join?

On joining, you will receive:

  • Your IAFR membership card and badge
  • Access to the online members area including protocols and guidelines
  • Online access to the Journal of Forensic Radiology & Imaging (JoFRI)
  • Regular electronic newsletters
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting, Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Stand for election to the committee
  • Nominate members to stand for election to the committee
  • Details of projects and training programmes
  • Up-to-date information through the members’ section of the IAFR website
  • Advance notice of and discounted rates for training events and conferences
  • Full members will automatically become associate members of the International Society of Forensic Radiology & Imaging (ISFRI) 
  • Discounted rate for ISFRI and IAFR joint annual international congress